Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Die Hard 5, anyone?

I have read that Bruce Willis and Company are starting preparations for Die Hard 5.

As a fan of the first movie, I am excited about this. But, having seen the series steadily deteriorate in quality, I'd like to invite comments on ways to recapture the magic in Die Hard 5.

A few of my thoughts...

- Rating: Go for the R. The more mayhem, the better.

- Director: Where is the original guy, McTiernan? If he is not available, how about the director of Taken?

- Locale: I've heard that Willis is thinking of setting the next film in a non-US location. Great. Now the question is: What kind of place to put John McClane in? Remember the Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard 1? It's key to put McClane inside a specific place where he is not only trapped, but he is able to use his resourcefulness and wits to outsmart the baddies.

- Story: What makes the Die Hard formula work so well is that John McClane is not on duty. He is not looking for a fight. In the first movie, he is in Los Angeles to try to reconcile with his estranged wife. Then suddenly all hell breaks out around him, and he chooses to take action.

Your thoughts?

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