Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Avengers

Why is the new movie The Avengers so good? One reason is that the super heroes are so human. The Hulk has anger issues. Iron Man is full of himself. Captain America is desolate because of how much he has lost.

In the midst of spectacular special effects in this year's biggest blockbuster film, audiences are finding the beating (and bleeding) human hearts of its main characters.

In my line of work, as an organization development consultant, I am often asked to design and facilitate team building sessions. Unlike many of my peers, I seldom use movie clips when building teams. However, having just seen The Avengers the other night, I may now be referring to this film in my upcoming engagements.

As a big fan of comics-based super hero movies, I was really looking forward to this mash-up of multiple Marvel characters. I was not disappointed. Filmmaker Joss Whedon has performed a miracle, somehow squeezing four huge Marvel figures into one movie. The Avengers is fully satisfying on all the major aspects: story, effects, action, and humor.

As the threat to Planet Earth appears, and SHIELD chief Nick Fury scrambles to assemble his team, you wonder, How will this motley crew of soul-damaged super heroes ever come together and work as a team? Of course, you know they will. But one of the delights in this film is watching each hero get their screen time, revealing their past pains and psychic scars. All the actors are good! Especially Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. The newcomer to the Marvel franchise, Ruffalo is terrific, giving The Big Green Guy the humanity he deserves.

In the midst of spectacular special effects scenes, this year's biggest blockbuster film delivers, from the heart.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Wednesday May 9, 2012